When it comes to planning for death and incapacity, it is not one-size-fits-all.  We work to understand your assets, family, and goals, so that we can create a custom estate plan that meets your needs. We take pride in establishing creative and flexible estate plans addressing the myriad of family situations in a tax effective manner.

Navigating the tax consequences of various estate, trust, and entity planning strategies is often complex and confusing.  We help our clients understand the tax effects of various options, and to create the most efficient structure for their family and business.  Using a variety of trust and entity structures, we work to maximize the assets our clients can pass to future generations by minimizing estate taxes and ensuring income tax efficiency.

Losing a family member is difficult enough without the added stress caused by administering their estate.  We assist our clients with navigating the probate process in an efficient manner that minimizes conflict among the beneficiaries and risk to the fiduciaries.

Whether it is a young couple beginning their married life, or two families coming together as one, agreeing to the marital property rights of spouses is important to avoid future conflict between spouses and their respective families.  We counsel our clients on their rights and options with respect to Texas marital property laws.  We also assist divorce counsel with creative solutions to difficult trust and entity issues that arise during the divorce process.

We work to be a value-added advisor to business owners and executives and to solve the difficult legal problems so our clients can focus on building and growing their businesses.  We assist with business formation, structuring, buy-sell planning, key employee planning, and business succession planning.

We assist our clients with all aspects of business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions of all sizes, as well as internal business succession transactions.  We work to accomplish our clients’ goals in a manner that minimizes taxes and future risk.